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These are amazing clinics!

Both myself and my 8 year old daughter have attended Vee's clinics and we have both loved them! Vee is so knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher. I have learnt so much and gained so much confidence to ride mountain bikes from her and I am so thankful for that. My daughter has also loved the kids clinics - all the instructors are wonderful with kids and make the clinic lessons fun, encouraging, and just the right amount of challenging too. Thanks Vee and all the instructors!

Fantastic experience

I had never ridden a mountain bike before doing the She Rides workshop with Vanessa. She is a great teacher and gave me lots of confidence and now I am enjoying another way to experience the beautiful snowy mountains. I am also in my 60's and love that I have learnt a new skill and I am loving it. I would recommend any of her clinics and you are never too old to learn something new.

Never too old

Being in my 60's, and only having ridden the old style push bikes around town / country roads, getting my MTB was a huge step. Then I discovered fear. More than just a scaredy-cat, the head space was telling me I was definitely going to die. Nothing fazes Vanessa, she is utterly confident you'll get it if you keep at it, and she's right. I'm still not confident, but I know now I will keep improving and I will go back for another clinic next year! Thanks Vanessa!

by Cynthia Pearson on Jindabyne Girl Riders

I am an enthusiastic mountain bike rider and attended one of Vanessa's Scardy Cat B clinics in 2016 after falling from my mountain and breaking my arm. I had lost all confidence and felt like I couldn't get back on my mountain bike. Vee gently encouraged me to attend and I thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and gained some of my confidence back. Vee was encouraging and supportive without being pushy and I observed every single lady on our course improve during that time and doing things they never thought they could because of Vee's caring and encouraging persona. I could not recommend her highly enough as an ultimate professional and encourage everyone I can to attend her clinics.


I credit Vee with my late (I'm 55) entry into mountain biking. I started with one of the Scaredy Cat clinics and haven't looked back. Vee is such an asset to female cycling (road and mountain) in the Snowy Mountains. I'm not sure that any other small town would have so many regular female riders. Through Jindy Girl Riders I have made contact with other ladies to ride with on and off road. My first night ride - organised by Vee, my first MTB event - organised by Vee and others. Always encouraging, always praising, always helping us reach that bit higher. Thanks Vee, you rock!

by Michael on Jindabyne Girl Riders
Bike Confidence Switched On

I was dubious about the value of the clinic that my wife enrolled my 6 year old daughter in. My wife had previously had some experience with Vee and JGR and assured me it would be worth it. I knew some of the coaches personally and I know they are really passionate about their riding but what could they do that I wasn't already?Lucy was tentative at best. She rode the tame concrete cycleway in fear of the gently rolling undulations (You couldn't call them hills.). She would mostly roll down them with her feet off the pedals, dragging on the ground. I thought we were a couple of seasons away from my dream of riding trails together....... then along came Vee, Sarah, Jen and Jane.By the time Lucy had completed her few rides with the JGR crew she was confident over rough ground, standing in the attack position, pedals level, elbows out, brakes covered. She loved rolling through dips and whoops. After her last ride with JGR she proudly displayed her mastery of the see-saw.Lucy is seven and rides with me now.Thanks Vee and JGR!

by Lisa, Nate and Keely on Jindabyne Girl Riders
Great for families

Myself and both my kids have participated in Mtb biking clinics over the past few years with Vee and her amazing coaches through Jindy Girl Riders. The clinics are outstanding with professional, experienced and knowledgeable coaches, safe and very enjoyable practical sessions that give participants improved riding skills and confidence. All this combined has seen an increase in the number of women and kids having a blast and learning to ride in the Snowy Mountains area.


I took a scaredy cats B clinic and it was awesome. Vanessa is such an amazing instructor. Didn't think that i could have learnt so much in one clinic. Thanks for solidifying my new love of MTB!

Highly recommended

I did the Scaredy Cats clinic A in October last year and B in January this year and they were fantastic. I cannot recommend these clinics highly enough for anyone who wants to increase her confidence in a safe and controlled environment while still being challenged. Vee is a suberb coach - patient, knowledgable, skilled and able to tailor the course to the combined ability of the group. I learned a lot and feel much more confident to get out on the trails. Also, it was a pleasure to ride with a lovely group of women on both occasions, who were also supportive and encouraging to each other.

No longer a roadie

A track (velodrome) and road rider for all my life, i've always had an MTB to ride for fun and freedom from the hardcore discipline of training and competition. I had ridden my MTB in amazing places around Aus and the world and when my daughter got old enough to ride and race aged 5...she also got a road bike, a track bike and an MTB. I even went in MTB events like the Mont, the Scott and the 50km Capital Punishment. But...although I could ride....I had a major berm phobia. Everytime i would reach one of these terrifying obstacles I would freeze...and after deliberation I would either get off and walk or unclip a foot and ride around the bottom slipping and sliding everywhere. I wasnt great at tight corners either. So then we decided we wanted to ride in the Snowy Mtns having bought a tiny apartment for skiing...had no idea of the trails and have no sense of direction...danger of getting lost is huge! Put out a message on JGR and the stars aligned and we met Vee. 2 hours of private coaching with my 10 year old later...I have realised my problem...I was trying to ride my mtb like a roadie!! All aero! Once Vee pointed that out...and I let my elbows hang out and changed my cornering position...I was away! Same with my daughter! We were so stoked that we returned a few weeks later with 3 friends and did a group clinic.... now I am riding and loving big berms...I even rode a see saw....and corner better and love it! We will be back with more friends from our road and track club soon. Vee is a superb coach ... great people skills and high level skills and knowledge. No longer a berm phobic.

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