Interschools MTB are fast approaching.

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Jindabyne Cycling Club secures $50,000 grant to build more trails
October 14, 2016

As the summer biking season is in full swing, we are all out on the trails enjoying them like its fresh powder! The Jindabyne Trail network is growing bigger and better every summer and now is the perfect time to head out for regular rides and find that there are trails for all abilties. The 2017 Interschools is fast approaching set to be held 16th-19th March in Thredbo. If you are planning to enter a school team for this fantastic event, make sure you head to Thredbo and ride some of the cross country or Gravity trails so you get to know the course well and plan to start riding at least 3 days a week in the lead up. Try to make your training rides a little longer than the course itself, building good endurance, so when it comes to race day, you can go a little harder but the duration will be shorter. Always have a riding partner, if not Mum or Dad have a good friend or two you can buddy with to ride. Remembering that we who live in the montains have the altitide advantage and will notice the benefits of training in the mountains.  If you are wanting to enter the competition for the first time, there is no better time get invloved as Jindabyne Girl Riders has 3 week intensive programs running in Term 1. These skills clinics are a great place to start riding and improve riding skills. The best part about entering an event such as the Interschools is that its gives you a challenge to work for over a few months. I say as long as you are enjoying your riding and having fun with friends then you can only keep getting better. Hope to see you on the trails. Vee

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