Jindabyne Cycling Club secures $50,000 grant to build more trails

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August 24, 2016
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January 20, 2017
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The Jindabyne Cycling Club announced today they were successful in securing a grant of $50,000 to continue with the extension of the local mountain bike trails. This is extremely exciting news for the club and has been a joint venture from the local council and club to extend the trail from the Claypits to contuinue around the lake to potentially meet the new trail extension of the Thredbo Valley Track. The building will also continue from the current Mill Creek Trail at Tyrolean Village into East Jindabyne riding through some incredibly scenic areas to view the lake and mountains. This grant comes at the perfect time as the Thredbo-Jindabyne corridoor prepare to claim the title of the longest and most spectacular mountain bike singletrack in Australia. Starting from the top of Thredbo at 1987m winding down the spectacular All Mountain Track, to the bottom of Thredbo, then following the river along the scenic 17km Thredbo Valley Track to Lake Crackenback where the trail will continue through another 16kms of handbuilt singletrack to meet the new trail to Jindabyne, connecting Copper Tom, Mill Creek and the new trail to East Jindabyne. The Lake Crackenback extension is set to continue being built this summer and is already 6kms down river from the resort. This will be a be another 2-3 years in the making, but access to the upper part of the trail is expected to be open this summer. What an exciting time to be riding in the area. Bring on summer.

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