Synergy Massage – Supporter of the Womens bike movement

Jindabyne Girl Riders and K7 Adventures form a strong Alliance
August 23, 2016
2015 and 2016 summer of fun 1215
Jindabyne Cycling Club secures $50,000 grant to build more trails
October 14, 2016
Dirt Maidens buller promo

Synergy Massage in Jindabyne is owned by a true local, Lisa Green. Lisa was born and bred in the Jindabyne area and she has a passion for fitness, health and massage! Operating a successful Massage business in the heart of Jindabyne, Lisa has spent her life dedicated to keeping fit and in tip top shape. Starting out in the fitness industry Lisa was a true leader in the area of fitness and personal training and with this background, knows a thing or two about how to fix and treat a body after excercise. You will always see her out riding with any spare second and totally dedicated to her kids improving skills and fitness on their bikes as they to have caught the bike bug. Supporting Jindabyne Girl Riders from its inception, Lisa is dedicted to seeing more women on bikes and always a fan of anyone getting up and off for a bike ride no matter how far the distance. Being a competitor in local races Lisa knows the importance of good recovery for better performance, so when it comes to improvements in a quicker recovery head to Synergy Massage for a top professional treatment. Look for Synergy Massage a major supporter of JGR through social rides for kids and fun adventures for women.

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